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            Welcome to, one of the leading online marketplaces in Asia. Simply create a free JobStreet candidate’s account and start applying to your dream job!

            • Easy creation and update of your online profile
            • Instant online application to local and worldwide job opportunities
            • Personalized LiNa job alerts delivered to your email
            • Tracking of your job applications and application status
            • Access to salary report, career related tips and more!


            Sign up for free!


            1. Go to
            2. Click on the ‘Free Sign Up’ button.
            3. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Click on ‘Sign Up’.
            4. Fill in your basic information and preferences for job matching purposes. Click on ‘Next’.
            5. Fill in your highest qualification and latest work experience to start creating your Profile.
            6. Click on ‘Complete’. You will be prompted to validate your email address next.


            Tips on email address:


            • Do not use your company email address here, as you will still need access to this email after you have moved on from your current company.
            • Ensure that the email address is correctly spelled and accessible so that validation is possible.
            • Ensure that your email?would not reflect badly on you. Maintain professionalism and do not include nickname or funny email address name.

            You just signed up for a account. The system automatically sends a validation email to your email address. This step is necessary to confirm that the email address is correct so that all emails from or employers will reach you.


            To validate your email address:

            1. Look for an email from with the subject “Validate your email – from”.
            2. Click on the link provided in the email.


            If you accidentally deleted the validation email, you can prompt the system to resend a validation email:

            1. Login to your account. If you have not validated your account, you will be guided to validate.
            2. Click on the ‘Resend the verification email’ link.
            3. The verification email will be sent to your registered email.
            4. Follow the instructions given to validate your email address.


            Can’t find the Validation Email?


            • Look in your “Bulk”, “Junk” or “Spam” folder of your mailbox. Add to your address book to prevent emails from being filtered.
            • Check if the email address is correct. Click on the ‘Change email address’ link to change your email address if needed.
            • For Yahoo email users, check if you have registered with the correct Yahoo email domain. Click here to find out more.

            LiNa is an online job matching system in ‘LiNa Job Matches’ are generated based on your LiNa Job Alert profile. You may view the latest job matching results on the home page of your account, or subscribe to the daily or weekly LiNa Job Alert to have them delivered to your email.


            Based on your career interest and goals, you may fine-tune your LiNa Job Alert profile so that you receive relevant job matches. Refine your LiNa Job alert profile by adjusting the criteria such as location, specialization, years of experience, field of study, full time/part time and so on. You can create up to 3 LiNa Job Alert profiles with different job matching criteria.


            To add a new LiNa Job Alert profile:

            1. Login to your account.
            2. Click on ‘Home’.
            3. Under ‘LiNa Job Matches’, select ‘Add/Edit Profiles’ to create a new LiNa Job Alert profile.
            4. Click on ‘Create a new job alert’.
            5. Select your job preferences.
            6. Click on ‘Save & View Job Matches’.

            * Note that each LiNa Job Alert profile triggers a separate set of job matching results to your email. The email frequency can be adjusted in each LiNa Job Alert profile.


            Read more.

            Now, let’s work on your Profile. This is a crucial step and will directly influence your chances of being short-listed for interview. You have 2 options:


            The Profile lets you build your profile in an organized template so that you will not miss out on any information frequently sought by Employers. We encourage you to utilize your Profile so that employers have a good summary view of your profile when processing resumes on their end.


            To create your Profile for the first time:

            1. Login to your account.
            2. Click on ‘MyJobStreet’.
            3. Go to ‘My Profile’ and select ‘Create Profile’ from the drop-down menu.
            4. Follow the 3 simple steps to create your Profile. * Please ensure that you fill up all the necessary fields and that there is no red ‘x‘ error message anywhere.

            To edit or complete your JobStreet Profile:

            1. Go to MyJobStreet > Edit Profile
            2. On the left menu, select the section you would like to edit. If you are using a mobile device, click on the ‘Edit’ link to reveal these sections.
            3. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon GS_Edit icon to modify the content or click ‘Add’ to add on.
            4. Make sure the changes are saved before moving on to the next section.
            5. Go to MyJobStreet > Preview Profile to view your Profile.


            You may also choose to upload your resume in a document form. While this gives you better control on the layout of your resume, we recommend that you always complete the Profile first to maximize your chances of being seen by employers.


            To upload your own resume:

            1. Go to MyJobStreet > Edit Profile.
            2. On the left menu, select ‘Uploaded Resume’.
            3. Click on ‘Upload Now’. Follow the given instructions to locate your latest resume on your computer.
            4. You may also ‘View’, ‘Delete’ or ‘Replace’ this file accordingly.


            • Your uploaded resume must be in Word (.doc or .docx), Text (.txt), Rich Text (.rtf) or PDF (.pdf) format.
            • File size must not exceed 1MB.


            Both versions (or whichever available) are sent to the employer when you apply for a job on


            Read more.

            Before you apply, it would be wise to go through a thinking process to first determine your career goals and the scope of work that interests you. We assure you that this will be time worth spending.


            Here are a few ways to get you started with your job search.


            Explore the “Search Jobs” section

            Besides typing in keywords in the search box, you can also browse jobs by specializations, position levels and locations. Use the ‘Advanced Search’ option if you have more specific job search criteria.


            LiNa job matches

            Based on your LiNa Job Alert profile, LiNa will automatically recommend relevant positions for your consideration. You can find these matches on the ‘Home’ page of your account, or have these jobs emailed to you weekly or daily.


            Check out the top employers

            Take a look at the list of top employers on our website. You may select among these companies, view the vacancies available and apply to jobs that interest you.


            Save a job for later

            If you are interested in a job but would like some time to think about it before applying, you may save the job and revisit it later.

            1. Click on the job advertisement and scroll to the bottom of the page.
            2. Click on the ‘Save this job’ link on the left of the ‘Apply Now’ button.
            3. You will find your saved jobs under ‘Home’ > ‘My Saved Jobs’ tab.

              * Applied/closed jobs will automatically be removed from the ‘My Saved Jobs’ list.

            We invite you to also visit the JobStreet Career Resources for useful resume and career tips!

            When you apply via, both your Profile and the uploaded resume (if available) will be sent to the employer immediately. The employer will contact you directly if you are shortlisted for an interview. Before you apply, ensure that your Profile is complete and ready for job application.


            To apply:


            1. Ensure that you are logged on to your JobStreet account.
            2. Search for relevant jobs and click on the Position Title to view the job advertisement in a pop-up window. Ensure that the pop-up blocker of your browser is turned off.
            3. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button located at the bottom of the job advertisement to submit your application.
            4. Your Profile and the uploaded resume (if available) will be sent to the employer for processing. Do approach the employer directly if you wish to follow up on your application.

            * Use this method to apply for jobs on so that you can keep track of your job applications easily (‘MyJobStreet’ > ‘Online Applications’).


            Read more.


            Getting Started_Application Status


            View application history

            All applications made via your account can be found in your ‘Online Application’ page. Depending on each employer’s processing behaviour, you will see different application status on this page.


            To check your application status:

            1. Login to your account.
            2. Go to ‘MyJobStreet’ and select ‘Online Applications’ from the drop-down menu.
            3. The application status can be found in each application box. You may check the definition of the application status by clicking on the status.


            View submitted Profile

            You may also view the Profile that you have submitted to each employer from the ‘Online Applications’ page. Click on the drop-down arrow on the top right on your job application and select ‘View Submitted Profile’.


            Find out where you stand

            If you click on the “Compare with ‘n’ other applicant(s)” shown for each job, you will find a simple comparison of Education and Salary based on other applicants who applied to the same position.


            What does each status mean?


            • Received: The employer has received your application.
            • Profile viewed X time(s) by employer: The employer has viewed your Profile.
            • Scheduled for Interview: The employer has scheduled you for an interview. View the scheduled interview at MyJobStreet > Interview Requests.
            • Not Suitable: Your application is not suitable for this job.

            When an employer schedules an interview with you via the interview scheduler, you will receive an email (or SMS) and the interview details will appear in your account. Take note of the interview date, time, location and contact information for future reference. To view the ‘Interview Requests’, please follow the steps below:


            1. Login to your account.
            2. Go to ‘MyJobStreet’ and select ‘Interview Requests’ from the drop-down menu.
            3. You will be able to view the interview requests.
            4. Click on the ‘Accept’, ‘Decline’ or ‘Request Change’ button to respond to the request.




            Only accept an interview request if you are sure the job is suitable for you and you can attend the interview on time. You should consider the distance you need to travel to the interview, taking leave from your current job and other factors carefully.

            • Be punctual and dress appropriately. The first impression may make or break your chances.
            • Prepare well for the interview and follow up a few days after the interview.
            • If you cannot attend the interview, please contact the employer to let them know at least one day before the interview.
            • If you do not show up for a confirmed interview and did not inform the employer, the employer has the right to tag you as “No Show for interview” and other employers can view this record.

            Note that employer may also choose to contact you directly by call, text message or email instead using the interview scheduler in the system. Therefore if you are actively looking for a job, do be alert to avoid missing any job opportunities.

            Help 08 Mobile App


            Applying to a job has never been easier. Download the Mobile App on your mobile device and your job application is only one tap away. Key features:

            • Personalized job alerts delivered to your phone daily
            • Have access to your saved and applied jobs at all times
            • Update your Profile on the go
            • Apply instantly to your desired job
            • Be notified and respond to interview request

            Download the app here. Learn more about the Mobile App.


            Help 08 Mobile App_logo

            Login Problem

            You may reset your password by clicking here. Follow the given steps and you will receive an email with the password-reset link.


            If you did not receive any email, please check your Spam or Junk folder.


            If you no longer have access to the email associated with your account, kindly drop us a message with the following information for verification purpose:

            • The email address registered with
            • An email address that we can reach you
            • Your full name and identification number
            • Institute / University you studied in
            • Graduation year
            • Your first employer


            Basic Troubleshooting

            If you come across any problem when accessing, please perform the following troubleshooting steps.

            1. Ensure that you are using the latest browser and your Internet connection is stable.
            2. Try again on a different browser or another computer.
            3. Configure your browser as below:


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